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Common Area Automation

Point Of View

Hotel Manager

In addition to controlling energy consumption, the Hotel Manager can manage alarm systems, elevators, lighting, and music to be played in common areas from the Platform.

Point Of View

Hotel Guest

Through desk and kiosk stations in common areas, guests can self-check-in. It can be a smart robot that brings them a drink while they are comfortably seated in the lounge area.

Urbana Hospitality IoT Platform allows hotel owner to manage the automation of Common Areas, controlling lighting, consumption, access, and more.

Guests can independently perform check-in and check-out, registering attendance directly on the integrated PMS.

Common areas such as hallways, waiting rooms, and reception can be equipped with smart cameras and smoke sensors.

Self check-in system

Upright check-in machine + Desktop check-in machine

Smart robot

Delivery robot + Customer service phone robot

Intelligent control

Intelligent elevator control + Monitor

Smart background music

Background music panel + Ceiling speakers

Smart sunshade products

Curtain motor + Curtain switch

Smart Security System

Door & window sensor + human presence sensor + smoke sensor

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