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Outdoor Area Automation

Point Of View

Hotel Manager

Using the Platform, the Hotel Manager can monitor outdoor areas and manage parking and access systems for guests; he can schedule the projection of useful or commercial information in multi-terminal screens, as well as monitor energy consumption as for common areas and guest rooms.

Point Of View

Hotel Guest

Thanks to Common Areas Automation system, guests will have no problem finding a parking space conveniently. They will be able to feel safe in every area of the facility and enjoy their stay in the hotel’s outdoor areas such as gardens, parks, swimming pools, etc.

Urbana Hospitality offers management of smart devices for outdoor lights, parking, vehicle and pedestrian access as well as energy, gas and water monitoring systems.

There are also information and advertising screens that can always be managed from the Platform.

Smart parking system

Parking lot turnstile + Camera bolt

Smart pedestrian system

Pedestrian gate + Access control Aipad

Security monitoring system

Camera bolt + Camera hemisphere

Commercial lighting system

Road lights + Induction light + Outdoor Light

Information release system

Information screen + Multi-terminal screen

Smart energy system

Water meter + Electric meter + Gas Meter

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