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Urbana Hospitality


Urbana has a solution that meets the needs of every type of hotel, starting from a basic automation package for a guest room to extending the system to the public and outdoor areas of the entire facility.

How to make the hotel smarter and more sustainable?
How to increase energy savings and reduce costs?
How to improve the guest experience?

With its well-established expertise in IoT infrastructure software and hardware, Urbana can offer a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective package:


  • Hotel Manager Platform & App for Managers & Operators
  • Hotel Guest app for Customers


  • High quality smart devices for guest rooms, public and outdoor areas, managed via Hotel Manager Platform & App and Hotel Guest App

An easy way to

Manage devices in rooms, public areas, and outdoor areas

Manage the activities of operators

Plan maintenance activities

Provide a better guest experience

Why choose Urbana Hospitality

All-in-one Cloud Platform, in both desktop and mobile versions.
Customizable with hotel branding.

Smart Room Automation

Common Area Automation

Outdoor Area Automation


Hotel Manager Platform & App

Room status management

Through the Platform it is possible to clearly visualize the status of all rooms, either in real time or by comparing over a defined time frame with the “Calendar” function.

The Platform can also interface with major PMSs and activate or modify check-in and check-out permissions.

Equipment status management

Through the Platform it is possible to manage hotel equipment by viewing details, where it is deployed (floors, rooms, public areas) and status.

Platform allows individual or group-devices management.

The Platform also allows you to update information on each type of equipment.

Energy management

Based on the data collected by the smart devices, a range of statistics on energy consumption in all areas of the hotel can be obtained through the Platform.

Data analysis is made easier with the support of graphs, with the ability to narrow it down to a predefined time frame and a specific area of the facility.

Unified Management Settings

The Platform enables the creation and unified management of settings based on the data collected over time to ensure a better customer experience and optimization of operators’ work.

Thanks to unified management settings, it is possible to simultaneously configure all rooms, indoor and outdoor common areas: status, delays, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Hotel Guest App

The guest can access their room using a code provided by the hotel, the card or the Hotel Guest App which communicates directly with the smart lock.

The Hotel Guest App allows the guest to adjust the lights inside the room, open or close the curtains, adjust the heating, and air conditioning, using predefined scenes such as “Welcome”, “Goodnight”, “Reading”, “TV and entertainment”, etc.

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