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Smart Room Automation

Point Of View

Hotel Manager

Thanks to the Platform, the Hotel Manager can obtain a series of statistics on energy consumption in all hotel rooms. He can get a range of energy consumption statistics. He can also create and manage room automations in a unified way based on the data collected from the devices to ensure better customer experience and optimization of operators’ work.

Point Of View

Hotel Guest

Urbana Hospitality’s Hotel Guest App allows guests to easily access their room from their smartphone. Thanks to the Hotel Guest App, he can adjust the lights inside the room, open or close the curtains, adjust the heating, and air conditioning, using predefined scenes such as “Welcome,” “Goodnight,” “Reading,” “TV and entertainment,” etc.

Smart Rooms Automation solution allows hotel guests to manage a variety of devices via Hotel Guest app such as accessing their room, adjusting lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

Hotel manager can enhance guest comfort and experience by adding other devices to the Smart Room: smart hubs, occupancy sensors, air purifiers, window sensors, curtain automation systems, and more.

All devices can be conveniently managed from the Hotel Guest app!

Smart gateway central control

Smart speaker + Voice panel + Gateway

Smart card secret door lock

Smart door lock + Cloud lock core + PCBA

Human presence sensor

UWB sensor + Infrared sensor

Smart electrician panel

Card to get electricity + Multiplexer

Intelligent lighting system

Ball bulb + Downlight + Light strip + Night light

Smart home appliances

Air purifier + Aroma Diffuser

TV point live broadcast system

TV point live broadcast system

Intelligent sleep system

Smart bed + Sleep zone

Smart HVAC products

Thermostat + Temperature and humidity sensor

All devices in guest rooms can also be managed through the Hotel Manager Platform

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